IMG_4481Hello, Roughnecks! The Boy Scouts talk about the importance of being prepared. And that’s what I’d like for you to be, too. I may not have a merit badge to award you at the end of the year, but the grades and class participation will certainly benefit. Supplies for this class are pretty simple.

1.  Each of you will need a simple, two-pocketed folder with paper fixed inside for class notes. The pockets are needed to help keep up with handouts, test reviews, etc. from Mr. Higginbotham.  This should be brought to class EVERY day.

2.  Both a pen (black or blue ink) and a pencil.

3.  You will need to make arrangements, on a home computer, to download and use an recording/editing program known as Audacity. The app is available for both Apple devices and PC’s. Be sure you have access to this, as there will be some assignments that require you to work at home. By the way,your school computers WILL NOT allow you to download Audacity, so, it will definitely need to be done on a home computer. Incidentally, the app is free and can be found on the internet.

4.  While it is not required, if possible, it would be really helpful if you could arrange access to (or, purchase) a microphone for personal use. This will allow you to record and produce features/projects at home and when you are unable to gain access to the school’s broadcast equipment.

5.  Throughout the year, depending on class projects, it may be necessary for you to gather some additional supplies to be used on those assignments.  When (and if) that time arrives, you will be given ample notice so that you have time to make arrangements.

6.  Finally, and this is the MOST important supply……you MUST bring a willing, cooperative attitude to class each day, along with a sense of FUN and ADVENTURE.