Howdy! My name is Rick Higginbotham, along with my buddy Petey, and I am in my sixth year as an instructor here at White Oak High School.

This is the 4th year that we’ll be offering a course in Radio Broadcasting.  What fun! Before I entered the world of education, I made my living behind the microphone as I worked for several radio stations in the East Texas area. Now, in addition to teaching theatre and speech, I get to share the magic of radio with students. Add to that that we have our very own internet radio station called “W-O-H-S-Roughneck Radio.” Not only do we play classic hits from the 1970’s….but we also broadcast some of our sporting events. As a matter-of-fact, we’ll be on location for all of the varsity football games this fall. Yes, we truly will be able to “learn on location” here at WOHS!


In addition to teaching and broadcasting, a good portion of my life has been spent in the performing arts. Many summers, you’ll find me onstage at the Texas Shakespeare Festival in nearby Kilgore. There’s nothing like storytelling in front of a live audience!

I’m a blessed man who’s biggest dream has come true. I got to marry the love of my life. Never thought that would happen in a million years. But God smiled on me. And, I’m also on the receiving end of one of the sweetest words ever spoken…Daddy. Yes, I have the most exquisite, beautiful daughter……and she and my son-in-law have given us an amazing granddaughter….who calls me Papa. And yes, we have beloved pets, too. Jake, Dodger, Lincoln, Sateen…..along with precious and prized memories of Buddy, and my BEST pal ever….Pete, both of whom were blessings to our lives!

I’m a HUGE outdoors lover, too.  As a matter-of-fact, my wife and I hiked our very first 14’er this summer…..14,065 foot Mount Bierstadt in the Colorado Rockies (yes, she DID beat me to the top!). And we can hardly wait to tackle another one someday soon! Sports are something I enjoy, as well. Chances are good that you’ll see me in the football stadium on Friday nights… the gym eating popcorn and watching Roughneck hoops……on the golf course beating up on Coach Boyett……or, tumbling down a Wyoming or Colorado ski slope.  Favorite place to hang out?  That’s an easy one…..with my family!

Alright, alright….enough about me.  Hey, I’m lookin’ forward to a fun 2018-2019….and it’s a HOMECOMING YEAR, too!  Just another blessed guy who gets to  “Defend the Derrick” this year. Go Roughnecks!!