A GREAT way for both parents and students to stay connected to what’s going on in class is to make use of the Remind app. Through it, Mr. Higginbotham will be able to send out information blasts about assignments, due dates, etc. And, it’s also an ideal way for you to contact him if you’re unclear on assignments, or if there are any questions you might have. Here are the instructions, using both texting and e-mail.


Enter this number into your smartphones: 81010. Then, text the following message to that number: @f2bg48. That should get you all squared away and tapped into any info that Mr. Higginbotham sends out.


In this instance, just send an e-mail to the following address: f2bg48@mail.remind.com. That will get you connected.

If you have any problems with either of these, either send an e-mail to [email protected] or be sure and let Mr. Higginbotham know when you get to class.