Lesson Plans-Week of 10-23-17


  • The student will discuss/learn about radio station jobs and formats
  • The student will write/record station promos for Roughneck Radio

TEKS: (b) 1-F; 2-A 

  • Monday:  Program teacher interview on Roughneck Radio/discuss radio station jobs.
  • Tuesday:  Band Regional performance field trip
  • Wednesday:  Continue discussion of radio station jobs.
  • Thursday:  Assign and begin research of radio formats
  • Friday:  Write/record spots for Roughneck Radio

Lesson Plans-Week of 10-9-17


  • The student will prepare and present a project that creates a radio station in the Tyler/Longview area
  • The student will prepare scripts/record for Roughneck Radio presentation
  • The student will discuss radio formats

TEKS: (b) 1-F; 2-D 

  • Monday:  Project: Build your own radio station
  • Tuesday:  Project: Build your own radio station
  • Wednesday:  Present projects on radio stations
  • Thursday:  Write/record promos for Roughneck Radios
  • Friday:  Continue discussion of radio formats

Lesson Plans-Week of 10-2-17


  • The student will write and record promos for airing on Roughneck Radio
  • The student will discuss radio formats

TEKS: (b) 2-B, C 

  • Monday:  Discuss radio formats/demographics
  • Tuesday:  Continue to discuss formats/demographics
  • Wednesday:  Write Roughneck Radio promos
  • Thursday:  Research demographics in Longview/Tyler areas
  • Friday:  Project: Build your own radio station