It’s GREAT to have each of you in class and I look forward to getting to know and work with you this semester!  I hope you are excited about a new school year and all the challenging opportunities that accompany it. Trust me, this class will be one of your FUN challenges, as we learn more about the radio broadcasting, or, as it sometime referred to “Theatre of the Mind.” However, none of that fun can happen without self-discipline, professionalism, and hard work.  And if you’re willing to bring those things to class, a lot of great memories await you.  You’ll learn about radio’s background, write and produce radio commercials, help with broadcasting sporting events, assist with morning school announcements, and more!

Here are my expectations for this class:

1.  ALWAYS BE ON TIME. When the bell rings, you should be in your seat ready to begin. If there is a writing prompt on the board, begin work immediately. If you have a performance or project that is due that day, do a mental run-through of your assignments or check your work when you arrive and while roll is being checked. Tardies will be recorded and consequences will await those that choose to arrive late to class.

2.  COURTESY COUNTS. Treat me and your fellow classmates the way you want us to treat you.  Be polite, fair, supportive, and encouraging. Never belittle anyone, in any way….even those that might not have the same abilities that you do in learning, or in skills behind the microphone. We want everyone to feel safe, and unthreatened in this environment. Also, when I give a critique following one of your radio projects, listen and try to learn.  Don’t become defensive.  Be pleasant, gracious, and open-minded. Say “thank you.” Remember, I’m trying to help you, so react accordingly.  Ask questions if you’re unclear or don’t understand, but don’t argue, disagree, or take issue during the comments.  It is impossible for you to perform and watch yourself at the same time, so trust me to do that.

3.  BE SAFE.  Take care of your voice and body. Don’t force your voice or yell as that could result in vocal damage. Relax and allow your natural voice to be its most effective whenever you are creating a broadcast project. Of course, vocal expressiveness, proper grammar, good volume, and clear articulation are always necessary; however, an attitude of relaxation will help put both your voice and body at ease and strengthen your voice projects. And it will help keep you safe.

4.  COME PREPARED.  From a performance perspective, there is NO substitute for preparation. This holds for written homework and classwork, too. It’s important that you are ALWAYS prepared with your class assignments and projects. And, if you are not prepared on the day that your work is due, you will have one more opportunity to turn in the assignment on the next class day; however, you will not be able to receive higher than a 75 on the assignment (see #6 below). With this being the case, and in order to ensure that your grade average doesn’t suffer, it’s imperative to turn in your homework ON TIME.

5.  PARTICIPATE.  This class isn’t about me….it’s about you. So, roll up your sleeves and get busy. Things are always more enjoyable when you’re involved. Regardless of what you expect from this class, you’re still responsible for the work. The year will be much more enjoyable if you are taking an active role in class activities. In group assignments, not actively participating could also hurt the grades of others.

6.  GRADING (critiques).  ALL assignments, including performance projects, both written and produced, are due on the day that they’re due. Pretty simple. Be ready with your work. If you make a decision not to turn in your work when it’s due (except for illness and emergencies) you will given one more opportunity to do the assignment, but can receive no higher than a 75. After that, it goes into the grade book as a zero. Folks, this is “real world” stuff. If you don’t learn to be dependable, you won’t be able to hold down a job, support a family, or find success anywhere. Also, if sickness, an emergency, or an outside activity (athletics, work, etc.) occur, you are not excused from the due date of an assignment. They should still be ready when you return  to class.

7.  RADIO LABS—BROADCASTS.  Each class member, as part of your grade, will be required to participate in sports broadcasts as an extension of classroom content. This will include being a part of at least (2) Roughneck football broadcasts in the fall. Whether providing color commentary, giving area score updates, or post-game analysis….this will be great opportunity to do something that most high schools don’t afford their students….and chance to take part in a real-life radio broadcast! You will also be expected to participate in a least (2) sports broadcasts in the spring, too. This may include both Roughneck basketball and baseball.

8.  FINAL THOUGHTS.  I’m here to help you. And I will help in any way that I can. But don’t be afraid to ask. Before school, during class, after school…..I will do whatever it takes to help you be successful. Just let me know. So, let’s get rolling and have a GREAT semester!