Radio Broadcasting

"Of all the dramatic media, radio is the most visual."—John Reeves—

Lesson Plans-Week of 1-30-23


  • Write and record public service announcements for Roughneck Radio
  • Write and record school promos for Roughneck Radio

TEKS:  110.64:  3A, 3H

  • Monday: Research and begin writing public service announcements
  • Tuesday: Write record public service announcements
  • Wednesday: Write school promos
  • Thursday: Write an opinion piece/editorial on a current news event
  • Friday: Record school promos

Lesson Plans-Week of 1-2-23


  • Write and record school promos for Roughneck Radio
  • Write New Year’s resolutions for recording

TEKS:  110.64:  3D, 3F, 3H

  • Monday: Teacher workday
  • Tuesday: Discuss promo assignments for the semester, along with hoops play-by-play info. Also, begin writing New Year’s resolution promos
  • Wednesday: Record New Year’s resolution promos
  • Thursday: Prepare newscast for Friday recording
  • Friday: Record newscast

Lesson Plans-Week of 11-14-22


  • Write, record, edit school promos for Roughneck Radio
  • Record, edit newscasts

TEKS:  110.64:  3A, 3D, 3F, 3H

  • Monday: 
  • Tuesday: Assign Thanksgiving promos for writing and recording
  • Wednesday: Record/edit promos
  • Thursday: Record newscast
  • Friday: Record Thanksgiving podcast

Lesson Plans-Week of 10-18-22


  • Create news broadcasts
  • Record promos

TEKS:  110.64:  3A, 3D, 3F 

  • Monday: School holiday
  • Tuesday: Record/prep for newscasts
  • Wednesday: Explore AllAccess for radio jobs
  • Thursday: Assign “Teacher Corner” interviews
  • Friday: Record newscast

Lesson Plans-Week of 10-10-22


  • Create news broadcasts
  • Write and record promos
  • Learn about copyright, public domain, fair use, and plagiarism

TEKS:  110.64:  1C, 1D, 1E, 3A, 3F, 3H

  • Monday: Record newscast
  • Tuesday: Begin discussing copyright, public domain, fair use, and plagiarism
  • Wednesday: Continue discussing copyright, public domain, fair use, and plagiarism
  • Thursday: Record newscast
  • Friday: Record promos

Lesson Plans-Week of 9-26-22


  • Write/edit/record Roughneck Radio promos
  • Research/write/record Roughneck Radio newscast

TEKS:  110.64:  3A, 3C, 3D, 3H

  • Monday: Write/record Roughneck Radio promos
  • Tuesday: Record/edit Roughneck Radio promos
  • Wednesday: Record/edit Roughneck Radio promos
  • Thursday: Begin preparation for the recording of a radio newscast
  • Friday: Record a radio newscast

Lesson Plans-Week of 9-19-22


  • Learn about various radio station personnel

TEKS:  110.64:  2A, 3C, 3D, 3H

  • Monday: Audacity work for those who have not completed their projects
  • Tuesday: Begin discussing radio station personnel
  • Wednesday: Complete radio station personnel discussion
  • Thursday: Discuss how to write a good radio promo/commercial
  • Friday: Begin recording Roughneck Radio promos

Lesson Plans-Week of 9-12-22


  • Present radio station projects, which covers formatting, demographics, advertising and concepts
  • Practice use Audacity online software to edit audio
  • Learn about various radio station personnel

TEKS:  110.64:  2A, 3E

  • Monday: Present radio station projects
  • Tuesday: Continue radio station projects
  • Wednesday: Practice editing audio with Audacity
  • Thursday: Continue editing practice with Audacity
  • Friday: Discuss radio station personnel jobs

Lesson Plans-Week of 8-29-22


  • Become more familiar with old time radio (War of the Worlds)
  • Learn about different radio formats
  • Designing a radio station format

TEKS:  110.64:  1A, 2B, 2C

Lesson Plans-Week of 8-22-22


  • Prepare/present slides presentation on a member of the Radio Hall of Fame
  • Discuss radio formats and programming

TEKS:  110.64:  2B, 2C

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